extras 4 travela wide range of accessories for your holidayincluding items for health and hygiene, electricals, security, baggage, toiletries, kids stuff and special offers.
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Travel accessories for your holiday :
mosquito nets and repellents, travel money belts, travel pillows, waterproof jackets, travel luggage straps and tags, travel car kettles, CD travel case, DVT socks, travel bags and many more travel accessories.
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Sterile medical kit Health and Hygiene
included travel accessories:
First Aid Kit; Sterile Medical Kit; Acustraps; Medi-store; DVT prevention socks; Water purification; Pedometer; Ear plugs etc...
Travel Kettle Electrical and Battery operated
included travel accessories:
Travel iron; Travel hairdryer; Travel kettle and Car kettle; plug adaptors; clock; torch; mobile phone power; currency changer; fan etc...

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Mosquito Repellants and Nets Mosquito Repellants and Nets
included travel accessories:
Mosquito bite relief; mosquito nets; repellant lotion and wipes; plug-in mosquito killer etc...

| mosquito Nets |
Rain Mac Weatherproof Clothing
included travel accessories:
Rainproof macs; Emergency blankets; storm coat; heat packs; Waterproof bags etc...
Travel Sentry Lock Security
included travel accessories:
USA approved sentry lock; padlocks; wallets and money belts; travel safe; personal alarm; door guard; waterproof pouch etc...

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Toothbrush protector Toiletries
included travel accessories:
Toothbrush protector; travel cleaning & laundry products; camp soap; travel toothbrush; laundry bag etc...
Suitcase with 4-way strap Baggage
included travel accessories:
Travel pillows; backpacks and travel bags; CD/tape & jewellery cases; luggage strap and tags; passport cover etc...

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Kid's Stuff
included travel accessories:
Baby mosquito net, & more kids travel accessories soon...
Special Offers
take a look at our current special offer travel accessories - limited availability on some items, so buy now!

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